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We are proud to introduce our dedicated Westfields Faculty and Staff. Our teachers and administrative employees are carefully selected based on their qualifications, work experience, dedication and most importantly, their love for educating children.

Myla S. Diano

Chief Operations Officer
Head of Admissions, Student, and International Affairs

Kylie Miranda, LPT, MAELLT

Primary Headmaster

Darell Naguit, LPT, MAELLT

Secondary Headmaster

Academic Programs

With classes ranging from Toddler to Senior High School, Westfields is here to keep your children on track throughout their school careers.

Each academic program caters to the age and skill level of the students.  We believe that all children can learn if you teach them in a way that fits their learning style.  As Albert Einstein once said, "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  And so it is in education.  One size does not fit all, and we use a variety of teaching styles, resources, and activities to help all children be successful.

Due to the current pandemic, all classes for the 2022 - 2023 school year will be held online.  We have two programs to choose from.

WIS Education Online - This is our teacher-led program.  You will receive all course books and materials, access to our online modules, and live classes via video conference.  This program is designed for those students that would like to have "school at home," and requires daily attendance at prescribed times.  Your grades will be based on classwork, homework, quizzes, and quarterly exams. Available for Toddler (age 2) through Grade 12.

WIStech - This is our independent study program.  You will receive all course books and materials and access to our online modules which will include video lessons and self-paced activities.  This program does not include live instruction from our teachers and is designed for students that wish to study independently or with a private tutor.  You will take quarterly examinations online, and these exams will be the sole basis for your grades.  Available for Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Face to Face - We are working very hard to be able to offer this program to you the soonest possible time. Rest assured that we are doing all necessary preparations and training as well as investing in technologies that will allow the Face to Face classes as hassle and worry free as possible.

Cambridge Program

Why choose the Cambridge Program?

Excellence in education: Cambridge is committed to excellence in education. Westfields International School is part of the University of Cambridge and subscribes to the Cambridge values.

Internationally Recognized Curriculum: The high expectations and rigor of Cambridge opens doors for their students and is a passport to success. Cambridge credentials are recognized and accepted by universities worldwide.

Develops successful learners: Students studying in Cambridge classes experience substantial benefits. Engaged students learn not just academics, but also to be confident, responsible, reflective, and innovative; they learn to be thinkers! By taking Cambridge classes, students are provided with the tools to achieve high levels of academic and personal success.

Why choose the Cambridge program at WIS?

Progressive and flexible programs: Westfields is a provider of internationally recognized classes sponsored and regulated by the University of Cambridge. The Cambridge teachers are experts in their fields and have attained an educational level of post graduate degrees (MA, MS, PhD). The Cambridge curriculum, while prescribed by Cambridge, is molded to meet the needs Westfields' learners while aligning with the values of excellence in education that you have come to expect from the school. As a part of Cambridge Assessment, Westfields is the only local provider of international qualifications wholly owned by a world-leading university. We have high teaching standards which define what we believe to be the key characteristics and practices of effective teachers and school leaders. What does WIS Cambridge offer? The Cambridge University assessment program is recognized for excellence in education and best practices in teaching worldwide. Westfields offers a senior high school Cambridge curriculum and assessment program for 16 to 19 year old students, as well as the Cambridge Pathways curriculum for the lower levels. Cambridge assessments qualify Westfields students for entry in colleges and universities in countries around the world.


Cambridge IGCSE is a group of classes for 14 to 16 year old students. Developed 30 years ago, the IGCSE Assessment Program is recognized by colleges/universities and employers worldwide. Cambridge IGCSE improves student academic performance while developing creative thinking and problem solving skills. IGCSE subjects have a global perspective that is relevant to Westfields' students.

AS and A Levels:

In the 11th and 12th grades, students will continue fine tuning their career track at the AS and A levels. Students will be counseled throughout their time at Westfields and will be encouraged to enroll in classes that are relevant to their chosen career path. Every effort is made to make the class choices relevant to the student’s needs.