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Mommy Grace Callister

(David and Leona's Mom( [Grade 3 and Grade 4)

Jenna Lagman-Pineda

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Rita Model P. Malonzo

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Ms. Hazel Escoto

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Mommy Jocelyn Sacilioc

Hi I'm a working mom and I have 2 kids studying at Westfields International School. The reason why I choose WIS its because my son Jesse and daughter Elisha has developed their social skills and academic. Before my daughter is a shy person and meak. Now she gained a lot of confidence and now she wants to participate all school activities and contest in the school, like singing, cheer dance comp. and art contest, she even excel in art. My younger son who is 4 years old is looking forward to study at WIS this year😊. Thanks for all the Teachers who are very supportive to us. God bless! 😍

Jocelyn Givero guardian of Elisha Jessie G. Sacilioc

Teachers are good in handling our kids especially in teaching and motivating.

Teresa Wei mom of Keith

My kids are learning well and kids are happy.

Dev Villanueva mom of Anton, Avery and Bettina

I see my kids improve on their studies and my kids are happy.

Maricel Sarthou mom of Jose Miguel Luis Sarthou

My kids are happy being here.

Agenda Mansveld mom of Calven Mansveld.

My son is happy with the school and I see a good improvement when it comes to his intellectual capacity.

Chriscyl Mazur mom of Christine Joiy Sula

My kids are good and enjoy the school.

Joyce Tayag, mom of Ethan Jaze Tayag

My kids were able to develop their skills properly.

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