How do our parents and students feel about Westfields?  Check out these testimonials!

"In the 11 years we have been part of the WIS Family, we have seen how our 4 children have grown both in their academic achievements and personal maturity. The core values of the school helped them be the responsible and independent young adults they are today and at the same time, forge meaningful relationships with their classmates and teachers alike.  The many co-curricular and extra-curricular activities offered by the school answered their need to creatively express themselves as individuals and have fun at the same time. Most of all, regardless of age, religion or nationality, they learned respect and value each other’s differences. WIS in not only a school but a family that we are all proud to be a part of." - Ana and Robert Ferguson


"Our kids consider Westfields as their second home. An interactive student-parent-teacher feedback environment that is results-driven.  At Westfields, we found that success is measured in a multi-dimension manner, student satisfaction, parental interaction and an education platform that focuses on all aspects of a student as a whole, ultimately producing well-rounded individuals." - Jonathan and Lorie Rosenberg


"I love Westfields! It’s my second home! The teachers are kind and we learn so many things all the time! Westfields is a fun school!" - Benjamin Rosenberg


"Westfields is a great school full of learning activities, a great staff of dedicated teachers. I learn so much and I am very proud to be a Westfielder!" - Amber Rosenberg


"I’m the mom of students at WIS, Claire Hartell, Marc Anson Milani and Clark Kent Locquiao. We are proud Westfielders! We have always LOVED Westfields International School for its core values “I CREATE”which stands for INDEPENDENCE, CONFIDENCE , RESPECT, EMPATHY, APPRECIATION, TOLERANCE and ENTHUSIASM. They may sound simple but yet so deep and have absolutely added meaning to my children’s fragile life.  These are the central beliefs clearly understood and shared by every member of the school community. These are the secret weapons that has molded my children into what they are today.  We continue to believe WIS and it’s commitment, opportunity, admiration, qualities and excellence." - Irene Ruiz


"Education and the kids’ grades are amazing. The teachers are doing a great job in keeping them focused on their studies. Sports and extra-curricular activities are helping them a lot to refresh their minds and making friends.  Ever since our kids started going to Westfields International School they became more confident, happy and excited to be in school and that made it easier for us as parents." -  Vito and Laila Dettmers


"WIS has taught Chesca to be respectful in her interaction not only with local students but also with foreign students despite cultural differences. With WIS’ encouragement for her to join the Model United Nation conferences abroad, she became aware of the international issues on armament, human rights violations, environmental dangers, etc. and learned how to diplomatically address these concerns with delegates or representatives from other countries." - Florianne and Manuel Quijada


"I remember that I had to have a long conversation about things that can be chosen to do and things that had to be done in our lives in order for me to persuade my first child to go to school on her first day of the school. I guess she was born as a shy girl, and I knew it because I was just like her when I was young. The first month must have been so hard for my daughter and my wife because my wife had to go to school together with my daughter and had to sit in the class with the permission of the teacher. A few years later, at an event that was held in SM theater, my mother, my wife, and I almost burst into tears of joy because my daughter was singing the Korean national anthem on the stage in front of an audience of more than 300 people! It seemed that she got over with shyness. Sending her to Westfields International School, I was able to witness her introvert character being converted to extrovertish character; she voluntarily went up to stage for the  Mr. and Ms. Westfields pageant, she teamed up for dancing contest, and more. I know that some parents complain that Westfields has too many activities and events, but I believe that those activities and events were so helpful to my child. However, I am in favor of abundant activities of Westfields. I believe education is not supposed to inject knowledgs into students’ brain, it should make students be able to utilize knowledge with logic and wisdom, and I believe it is achieved through learning through activities that makes them sociable self-learner. Finland is well known for the world best education quality and level. Ironically the time for students to stay in school in Finland is only about 4 hours, and maximum time consumed for homework is 10 minutes. However, students, upon graduation of high school, are able to speak at least 3 languages, and prove themselves with high performance when they are exposed to career. They say the classes proceeded through activities and role playing is the key to it and It seems that their way of teaching is based on the trust toward ability of human being. I, as a parent, cannot say that I am 100% satisfied with education system of Westfields, however, I can surely express that the reason why I am feeling positive about Westfields is that I see Westfields is nurturing students with abundant activities under the belief towards the ability of their students." -  Sean and Joan Lee

"As a former student at Westfield’s International School for 13 years, 3 of which were preschool and grades 1 thru 10 where I experience the education that will last me a lifetime. While my gratitude extends to all the teachers and staff at Westfield’s I will forever be indebted to a select few that mentored me personally through all stages of development. Normally I choose not to name names because of fear I may leave someone out but this one time I will break this rule because the need for recognition far outweighs normal protocol. Recognition of each teacher or staff member by sequence has no greater value whether mentioned first or last as all had an impact on the person I am today. Each person listed below will forever be a part of me.

Principal Violeta J. de Jesus
Head of Admissions – Myla Sales Diano
Lower Grades Vice Principal – Marina Lourdes Limon
High School Vice Principal – Layrelle Alicante
Admissions Officer - Leigh Anne Carter
Nursery Teacher – Niza Galang – My first teacher who showed me how to love school
Kindergarten Teacher – Mariana L. Riveria
Preparatory Teacher – Marisa del Rosario
1st Grade Teacher – Ria Dizon
2nd Grade Teacher – Ruth De Ala
3rd Grade Teacher – Ivy Joy David
4th Grade Teacher – Angeline Pineda
5th Grade Teacher – Louribeth Gonzales
6th Grade Teacher – Kylie Jean Herrea
7th Grade Teacher – Esmeralda Tuazon
8th Grade Teacher – Darlene Safadoost
9th Grade Teacher – Dave Lorenz Suboc
10th Grade Teacher – Nicetas Legazon

Westfield’s International School teachings will follow me throughout my life and regardless of where it takes me the legacy of Westfield’s shall be my partner. I will never forget the many and I mean many good times that I had on your campus. The teachers who took me from an adolescent to the young lady I am today taught me right from wrong and good from bad.  I hope they appreciated their time with me as much as I did my time with them.

Westfield’s is #1 regardless whether the role model is the Principal or the Janitor. They gave me the big picture on how to succeed in life and now it is my duty as a former student to put their teachings to work.

Just a little hint “don’t be surprised if you see me in space one day”. By the way guess who made this all happen for me? If you guessed my parents, you are right. While you were teaching me they were with me every step of the way and made it possible for the wonderful education you gave me.

Thank you Westfield’s for making me a dreamer. You taught me that dreams are meant to happen if you want and work hard enough.  God Bless." - Charvina Viands

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