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Our Preschool Department includes the Toddler (Age 2), Nursery (Age 3), Pre-Kinder (Age 4), and Kindergarten (Age 5) classes.  The Preschool program is rooted in a literature-based approach that connects new concepts and makes them meaningful to the child.  Every week, students use stories as a springoard to develop competencies in various subject areas.  Having enjoyable experiences with storybooks, poems, and songs each day develops a life-long love for reading.  Upon entering the Preschool classrooms, you will find books and a print-rich environment aimed at developing the fuctional literacy of our students.

The skills of Preschool children are developed through meeting time, finger play activities, song, and thematic play.  Students are engaged in activities that are both fuctional and enjoyable throughout their day.  Playing is learning for children in the early years, and they learn best when coming contact with varied objcts, people, and events.  They are exploring the world around them using various types on play such as cooperative, dramatic, and manipulative.

Learning centers are strategially set up around the classroom to develop self-help skills and encourage socialization.  Students are encouraged to explore each of the centers including reading, dramatic, writing, language arts, math, and building blocks.  Using centers, students learn to manage their time, practice self-regulation, and gain practice with real world concepts.

Children become aware of the community through field trips and parent-teacher activities.  They get to move from exploration of the classroom to exploration of real world places.  Field trips are an exciting way for children to immerse themselves in education.  The world suddenly makes more sense when classroom lessons are connected to real-life experiences.

Preschool is a great place for kids to interact with others, learn valuable life lessons, and (most importantly) to enjoy a happy childhood.  Early education starts with choosing the right preschool for your child.  Here at Westfields, we believe that the success of a child lies in the partnership between the school and the home.  Together, let's pave the way so our children can have an amazing early childhood experience!



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