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Library Programs

WIS Library

At Westfields, we believe that a love for reading is at the heart of learning.  Our library offers an excellent selection of books, periodicals, reference materials, and manipulatives to help our students gain an appreciation for the written word.  Beginning as early as two years old, our students visit the library on a regular basis to check out books, hear stories, and participate in literary events.  In addition, we offer four Scholastic Book Fair events each year.  Our parents are encouraged to purchase books to give to their children as gifts to help keep their children's interest in reading alive at home.

These are few of the services offered by the WIS library:

Reading Time

For our younger children, we offer weekly story sessions with our Librarian and Library Assistant.  During this period, students will be exposed to books that cater to the needs and interests of their specific age group.

As a learning tool, storytelling can encourage children to explore new ways to verbally express themselves. It can also heighten a student’s ability to communicate thoughts and feelings in an articulate and lucid manner. To facilitate learning outcomes, students are introduced to a certain theme that focuses on a particular author’s collection.

International Book Week Celebration

Each year, the library prepares activities that are in line with the celebration of International Book Week. This event teaches the children about the importance of reading, encourages hands-on exploration through activities and contests, and encourages them to develop their own reading-centered activities.

We also invite authors to visit our school and talk to the students.  Author visits are an excellent way to promote reading as it provides students with the opportunity to meet an author, discuss the process of writing, and develop an interest in writing and illustration.


Book Fairs

The library sponsors various book fairs throughout the school year. The purpose of these fairs is to help students acquire books they want to read and to give parents a chance to participate in the learning process. Our students are exposed to a variety of authors, genres, and reading levels that they might not otherwise come across in their daily school life.

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