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The new WIS Library features sections for Preschool, Grade School, High School, and research. With the help of our top-tier librarians, our students have everything they need right at their fingertips.


The WIS Clinic is staffed by our full-time Registered Nurse, Ms. May. From bumps and bruises, to minor illnesses, to sports injuries, our Nurse is equipped to help with any emergency.

Star Program Classroom

The STAR Program is designed to give our students extra help with all of their classes. Our dedicated tutors work with small groups and one-on-one with students to make sure that they understand their lessons and also help them complete their homework assignments.

Computer Laboratory

The WIS Computer Lab is where we make use of the latest technology to help our students gain 21st century skills that they’ll need to prosper in our increasingly connected world.

Science Laboratory

Our state-of-the-art Science Labs give students the hands-on experience that they need to excel in the fields of biology, chemistry, and the natural sciences.

Guidance Center

The WIS Guidance Center focuses on the mental health of our students, including conflict resolution, morale boosting, and referral to outside agencies as appropriate. We also assist our students in choosing their future path outside of WIS, and help them choose the best college to suit their needs.

ESL Classrooms

The ESL (English as a Second Language) program was developed to help our non-native English speaking students rapidly learn to speak, read, write, and understand the English language.

Mandarin Classroom

Mandarin Chinese is taught in Grades 4 – 10 as a second language. Our teachers are native speakers of Mandarin, and help prepare our students to enter the business world where speaking Chinese is a highly sought after skill.


The WIS Cafeteria offers healthy, nutritional snacks and lunches each school day. Students are able to purchase items using their ID card which can be loaded by the parents.

Soccer Field

Sports is a large part of life at WIS. Our regulation soccer field is used for both our sports program and for recreation time for our students. We believe that active children are healthy children and we encourage all of our students to sign up for our After-School Activities.

Music Room

All of students from Grade 1 – 10 play musical instruments as part of their curriculum. From the recorder, to the violin, to the guitar, we want to give our students a chance to develop their musical talent on a variety of instruments.

Painting Room

Our Painting and Art room gives students the chance to explore their creative side in a warm and inviting environment. Our students also enter their art in multiple local and international competitions throughout the year.

Dance Studio

Our Ballet and Street Dance instructor utilizes our Dance Studio for his lessons. With a dance floor and fully-mirrored wall, this air-conditioned space allows our students to dance with grace and poise.


From futsal to basketball to gymnastics, our new gymnasium gives our students the space to practice and play in a safe environment. Both our PE program and our After-School Activities take place here in our gym.


Our tiniest students have the best playground in the area! We believe that Preschool children learn best through play and we make sure that outdoor time is included whenever possible.

Business Office

Our Admission and Business Offices are here to help both students and parents during their time at WIS. Whether you need to enroll in classes and After-School Activities, or just want more information about the school, our friendly staff is here to help.