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Admissions and Enrollment:

What grade levels does Westfields offer?
We offer Toddler (age 2) through Senior High School (Grade 12).

Is Westfields accredited?
Yes, we are accredited by the Department of Education. 

Do you accept foreign students?
Yes!  Approximately half of our students are either foreign nationals or dual citizens.

When does your school year begin and end?
Our classes begin in August and end in June.  You can see our current calendar of events here.

Where are you located?
Our address is 21-2 Friendship Highway, Cutcut, Angeles City, Pampanga.  There is a map at the bottom of the page for your convenience.

What are your enrollment requirements?
You can see a list of our requirements here and our enrollment procedure here.

How long does the enrollment procedure take?
We can complete everything in one day as long as your documentation is in order.

What will it cost for my child to attend Westfields?
You can see our tuition fees here.

What should I expect during the interview?
Don't worry, it's painless!  We will get to know you and your child, tell you what to expect on your first day of school, and tell you about our policies and procedures.

What happens if I fail the entrance assessment?
You won't.  The assessment is not pass or fail.  It is a tool that our Guidance Center uses to gauge your skill level and readiness for school.

Can I start classes right after the interview?
Assuming your documentation and payment are complete, you can start school on the next school day.

Do I really need all of those documents?
Yes.  The Department of Education and the Bureau of Immigration require us to obtain all of the listed documents prior to your enrollment.

Curriculum and Schedules:

What curriculum do you follow?
We follow an enhanced Department of Education K-12 curriculum.  We enhance the curriculum using Singapore Math, books from the UK and US, and teaching methods that are currently being used in western education.

What are your class hours?
A list of the class hours for each grade level can be found here.

Do you teach all of the classes in English?
Yes, all of our classes except for Filipino and Mandarin (Grades 4 and up) are taught exclusively in English.

My child does not speak much English.  Can he still attend your school?
Yes!  We have an excellent EFL (English as a Foreign Language) program.  Your child will attend regular classes most of the day but will be pulled out into a small group for English class.  We will determine the need for EFL during the entrance assessment.

Do you offer any foreign languages?
Yes, we offer Mandarin Chinese as our foreign language.  Teachers are brought in from mainland China each year to teach the classes.  All students from Grade 4 through Grade 10 are required to take Mandarin.


What are your office hours?
Our Admissions and Business Offices are open from 8:00 - 5:00, Monday through Friday.

How secure is your campus?
We are very security conscious here at Westfields.  All students are issued an ID card at the beginning of the school year.  Using turnstiles at the front gate, each student will use their ID to enter and exit the school.  Visitors are required to sign in with the guard and receive a visitor's pass before entering the campus.  We have a closed campus, and no students are permitted to leave the grounds without authorization from a parent.

Do you provide lunch for the students?
Westfields has a full-service cafeteria for snacks and lunch.  Your child is welcome to either purchase something from the cafteria or bring lunch from home.  We offer a water dispenser and microwave for those students that need to heat up their lunch.

What do you serve in the cafeteria?
We offer a mixture of healthy Filipino and Western dishes each week. You can find a current menu here.




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