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Enrollment Procedure

Step 1:  Application

We will schedule the entrance assessment and provide you with the initial enrollment requirements.

  • Application & Assessment Fee: 1,500 pesos
  • Assessments are available Monday - Friday at 9:00 am or 1:30 pm

Step 2:  Assessment

The entrance assessment will take approximately 30 minutes for Preschool and 2 hours for Grades 1 - 12.  You must present the most recent report card from the child's previous school before the assessment.  The following subjects will be assessed:

  • Reading
  • English Grammar
  • Mathematics

Step 3: Interview

Immediately after the assessment, we will conduct an interview with the child and parents / guardian to review the school policies and procedures.  You will also sign your Letter of Acceptance and Statement of Responsiblities, and then receive the final computation of the tuition and fees.

Step 4: Submission of Requirements

After the interview, you will submit all of the documention requirements that are required for enrollment.  Your child cannot be considered offical enrolled until all documents have been submitted and approved by our Registrar.  Please see our Enrollment Requirements page for a complete list of documents that will be required.

Step 5: Payment

After you have completed the documentation requirements, you may proceed to the Cashier in our Business Office to complete your payment.  Students will not be permitted to begin attending classes until your payment has been made.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during the interview?

Don't worry, it's painless!  We will get to know you and your child, tell you what to expect on your first day of school, and tell you about our policies and procedures.

What happens if I fail the entrance assessment?

You won't.  The assessment is not pass or fail.  It is a tool that our Guidance Office uses to gauge your skill level and readiness for school.

Can I start classes right after the interview?

Assuming your documentation and payment are complete, you can start school on the next school day.

Do I really need all of those documents?

Yes.  The Department of Education and the Bureau of Immigration require us to obtain all of the listed documents prior to your enrollment.

Do you need additional information?  You can contact our office at 0917-510-0002 or simply fill out the Contact Us form at the bottom of this page and we will be happy to help.

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