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Academic Chancellor's Message

Chancellor’s Message

As we forge our way to another school year, we look ahead with renewed enthusiasm and energy towards the future. We at Westfields have the privilege of being a part of a growing body of international learners, parents, teachers, and staff who play a vital role in the creation of a holistic approach to learning.

Westfields’ vision of becoming the leading provider of 21st century education and its mission of providing international exposure and learning of the highest quality are alive in every single stakeholder, always carrying with them the brightly lit torch of knowledge and global excellence.

This year, we have chartered a path towards academic distinction that holds in itself principled school leadership and management, a highly capable team of academic and non-academic school support staff, a community of knowledge-thirsty students, and a dedicated group of parents who, as one, help mold the school into a shining beacon of hope for the creation of a brighter future. We are relentless in our goal of providing education whose quality is at par with global standards and educational competence.

One of the things we have established this year is an enhanced level of training for the WISE—Westfields International School Educators. We have created a professional development training system that aims to elevate the quality of our teachers to the next level. A great deal of effort is placed in fashioning training sessions that accelerate the transition of novice teachers to experienced teachers in less than a year, thereby providing our students with the highest quality of education available.

Also this year, Westfields established a Research Department that is geared towards the scientific and systematic assessment of the quality of instructional and operational proceedings of the school. This department focuses on the requirements of international accrediting bodies in order for WIS to move up to and maintain that international edge of teaching and learning.

Then, we have our Student Council for every academic department, whose student government has proven invaluable in assisting in the planning, development, and execution of most school-led events, pushing Westfields into an even higher level of excellence and academic growth.

Finally, our partnership with the Parents of our students—the PTA—has never been stronger and more solid! We are lucky and ever so grateful for our parents’ untiring efforts as a moving force that helps shape the education of our children in school and at home.

Together, the entire Westfields family moves onward and ever upward in its pursuit of the highest quality international education!


Dr. Michael A. Mesa

Academic Chancellor  

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